A new kind of professional network.

Small, goal-oriented and reliable. Core is the professional network you’ve been waiting for.

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What is Core?

Cores are professional micro-networks that help driven people learn faster and get more done. They start with no more than 5 people -- who the user already knows -- and expand over time.

How it works

Core works by helping you leverage your existing connections into a highly active micro-network of trusted confidants, collaborators and supporters.

Launching a new venture promotion

Learning a new skill

Working towards a career or milestone

Closing a big deal/account

Keeping non-profit backers in the loop

Why it works

Core works because it solves for bystander effects that occur in large networks. Put simply, the more people in a network, the less likely each is to provide substantive support.

People who build Cores make more progress in less time, learn faster, and cultivate powerful professional identities. They make their network work.

“Building and leveraging our Core has provided me with a way to strengthen relationships and form a support system even with limited time. It's simple and incredibly effective.”

Samir Goel

Sales Strategy, Linkedin & Co-founder, Esusu

“Core is amazing. I’ve made 6 months of progress in less than a quarter. I can’t wait to get the rest of my team using it.”

Abbe Wemimo

M&A, PwC

“Core helped me organize my network in a way that didn't place an extra burden on me as a busy founder.”

Alex Neary

Founder, CompanyWide & MBA Student, Boston University