A new take on mentoring

Core simplifies mentoring with structured communication and learner-led "micronetworks".

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Learn how Boston University doubled alumni mentor engagement with Core

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Mentorship starts with the right expectations

Set a goal

Invite the right people to help

Get their opt-in

Send routine updates

Monitor engagement

Build skills & identity in the process

“I can’t imagine a more perfect partner for our project-based entrepreneurship curriculum.”

Makaela Kingsley

Entrepreneurship Director, Wesleyan University

“Core is amazing. I’ve made 6 months of progress in less than a quarter. I can’t wait to get the rest of my team using it.”

Abbe Wemimo

M&A, PwC

“The minute I was invited to a Core, I realized how obviously good an idea it is.”

Megan Berry

VP Product, Octane AI

Why core works

Designed for today’s workforce

  • Blends the network of individuals with their organization
  • Turns ‘side projects’ and ‘weekend warriors’ into organizational strengths
  • Leverages the latest in learning science and reflective practice

Puts simple KPIs on mentoring

  • Which mentors are opting in
  • Who’s engaging and who’s not
  • Suggested interventions & celebrations

Integrates into existing workflows & tools

  • Google Docs
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendar

Builds identity and reputation

  • A ledger of updates over time showing progress
  • Feature specific learnings and accomplishments
  • 360 feedback from Core members

Never ask for a status update again

  • Structured, timely communication using reflective practice templates
  • Reminders to write & send updates
  • Know exactly what your people need, when (or before) they need it